The reference of the director Print
With business development in our country, to old problems of roads and officials, one has increased still, at least, – financial swindlers. They were and earlier, but lately its scales simply stun. Because of concealed this kind of crimes, difficultly precisely to count up the sums of money which have been acquired by this kind of crimes. Taking into account personal experience of investigations, I can confidently assert that it is billions grivnas. They are capable to rob not only trustful citizens and separate businessmen, but also to ruin large corporations. And as a result, are a making part of world financial crises.

The reasons of prosperity of financial swindle can be divided conditionally on two components:
• the First, consists that there is a problem in differentiation of civil-law relations and the penal, roguish actions, the guilty person. Therefore the law-enforcement system, cannot effectively struggle with this phenomenon, especially at an initial stage, decoying victims.
• the Second, consists in victims. Natural desire quickly, with the least expenses to improve the financial condition, leads to acceptance of rash decisions. Showing excessive trustfulness, sooner or later it is possible to get, in competently placed, networks of financial swindlers.

However, not all so is hopeless, if during time to consult with our experts. Our company urged to protect business from financial losses. We will analyse possible risks and we will give a right answer.

Everyone has the right to make the choice and to live by a principle:
«Who does not risk, that does not drink champagne»,
Or «Trust, but check».

Yours faithfully, Nikolay Minkevskyi