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Our specialisation:
· A solvency Estimation in connection with a financial condition or commercial activity legal bodies. 
· The Estimation of risks, definition of degree of probability of approach of losses from concluded (prospective) contracts.
· Investigation of the facts of causing of losses, acceptance of measures on an establishment of the reasons and guilty persons.
· Search of the location and contacts of the new companies and people, and as with what communication has been lost.       
Special services for the clients who are outside of Ukraine:
· Search of the worthy and reliable partner.
· Carrying out of exploratory talk with prospective partners.
· The Organization of meetings at airport "Borispol" (Kiev, Ukraine)
· Rendering assistance in visa support and work permit reception in Ukraine
Customers can be, both the companies, and physical persons.
You define depth conducted researches, choose sufficient volume of the information which are ready to pay and allowing you to draw a due conclusion, for yourself concerning investigated object.
The object of research or search can be in any point in territory of Ukraine.
Cost of our services is accessible to all who wishes to take advantage of them. It corresponds to quality and the enclosed work. We do not establish the price, yet we will not study for ourselves a question, as in what volume we can give to the customer.
We work quickly and professionally. We guarantee quality and completeness investigations, and as confidentiality of our relations and the received information.

For the aid to the user of information services
The information. «Who owns the information, that owns the world».

What information interests private persons and businessmen? Practice shows the following:
The information on reputation (image) of the companies and private persons.

In this information are interested, when create business or search for partners and clients. Having made a mistake in a choice it is possible to lose not only the good name and reputation for many long years, but also to lose concrete money.

Details here ….

The information on possibility of the future partner to carry out declared, undertaken.

Here there is a latent danger. It is possible to get not only to reasonably placed networks of swindlers, but also to suffer from actions of the respectable businessman which has simply overestimated the possibilities.

Details here ….
The information on a correctness of behaviour of the partner, the head of business.

People in private life and business build mutual relations on mutual trust. Without it simply it is not necessary to begin business. However in a life all happens. Knowingly, even love, have started to support with marriage contracts. Today all is good, and tomorrow the partner had a problem which it forcedly or not, will close joint money. Probably, he will simply decide that you receive unreasonably much, and it a little.

Details here ….
The information on corporate fidelity of employees.

The information is necessary at a set of shots and concerning already working. Employees can not only create additional cost, but also yield losses. Unfair employees enter arrangement to clients and receive recoils, reducing profit of the company and worsening its competitiveness. Still big they can put a damage, working on competitors. It is a lot of cases when such employees specially "transfer" for work to competitors.

Details here ….
The information on solvency.

When the credit stands out or the purchase and sale contract consists, this information is simply necessary.

Details here ….
The information on competitors.

The information on competitors collect to adopt their advanced experience, to learn a competitive price of the goods and services, to receive the list of clients and to entice them.

Details here ….
The information on swindlers. Search of swindlers.

There are steady groups of swindlers and the single. They have a certain set of roguish schemes. Knowing it it is possible to avoid losses.

Details here ….
The information on debtors. Search of debtors.

Among known debtors it is a lot of swindlers, but there are also people who simply are not able to calculate risks and the possibilities. The second are not less dangerous to business, than swindlers. Trying to repay a debt, they can involve you in the problems, having obtained the credit or having borrowed. It is necessary to search for swindlers, the second come, but give, as is rare.

Details here ….
The information on the debtors who have hidden abroad.

Many debtors have hidden abroad, not bad there live and think that they cannot be found.

Details here ….
The information on the money hidden abroad.

Many have hidden the money abroad and think that they there cannot be found and returned to the claimant.

Details here ….
The information about movable and real estate, other actives.

The debtor, who does not wish to repay debts, always refers to absence of such possibility. Very often such possibility at it is, it is simply a pity to it to leave «the acquired back-breaking toil».

Details here ….
The information on the companies registered in offshore zones.

Work with such company it can to be advantageously, and it can be dangerous. Behind its screen can disappear not only the businessmen avoiding the excessive taxation, but also swindlers.

Details here ….
The information on the foreign companies (foreign).

The foreign companies happen not all successful and not all decent.

Details here ….
The short list of concepts widely used in business and expressions.

Using mentioned below and other words and expressions, for search on the Internet, you can find a lot of the interesting.
The financial pyramid, cast, high treason, fling of the naïve person, a roof, the latent owner, the present owner, the swindler, the debtor to repay a debt, debtor debts, the credit, leasing, monetary turns of the company, commodity turns of the company, profit, losses, a personal estate, real estate, the owner of motor transport, bank accounts, the bankrupt, the payer, problems, responsibility administrative, responsibility criminal, judicial claims.