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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 23:13

The alphabet of the pathfinder 

Nikolay Minkevskyi recommends beginning gathering of the information with accurate statement of a problem and search localization, that is - definitions of the most informative (on this or that problematic) sites: a web-page of the competitor, specialized editions and the portals, given the Chamber of commerce etc. Assuming that the basic objects of enterprise investigation are two-three nearest competitors and leaders of the market, workers of special service advice to start data gathering, having defined real proprietors of interesting subjects and their parent companies. Such approach, on the one hand, essentially simplifies gathering of data - for example, to find out that mine X was engaged in agriculture not difficult if to know the name of the structure owning both mine, and a farm. With another - allows defining more precisely the reasons on which the parent company has hit in agriculture.

 To estimate reliability of the collected data experts workers of special service recommend, rechecking them at least on two alternative sources. And Minkevskyi asserts what to recheck the information, which reliability of doubts does not cause (we will tell, the published document or the data of the financial reporting), follows only in exceptional cases. Defining reliability of a source of the information, it is not necessary to forget about interests which are pursued by the firm giving a certain signal. In particular, it is possible to trust the director who has declared on TV about reduction of prices on production of the company, focused on mass production - hardly has he begun to deceive consumers. Whereas the similar statement placed by the press-service on a site of the enterprise, can appear a bluff addressed to not so much clients, how many to competitors. The collected and filtered given experts recommend to store, spending alphabetic or thematic cataloguing (in order to avoid cross references and complication of work with the information).
The author: Vyacheslav Darpinjats | the Source: Galitsky contracts (Kiev) of 24.01.2005 №3

The primary source: http://bezpeka.desant.com.ua/stat38.html



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