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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 23:06


As experts speak, to services of experts in competitive investigation private persons or the companies address basically in several cases: to study the possible partner, object of purchase or at the arisen problems often connected with debts under the payment of invoices. «And, judging by our company, the first category makes 70-80 %, the second - 20-30 %», - were informed the edition "NOW" by the director of Open Company "Guardian" Nikolay Minkevskyi.
It is interesting that the prices since last year in the market practically have not changed. The standard business inquiry on enterprise activity on which 5 working days usually leave, it is possible to receive for $100. More operative work will manage in 2-2, 5 times more expensively. However clients can pass also and to user's service. Depending on the requirements for periodicity of reception of the information "scouts" can give various discounts. «Basically, orders of the companies vary from 500 to 2500 grivnas. Certainly, if the list of the questions demanding answers makes 2 pages, such researches cost more expensive. Also the price is influenced also by the terms established by the client. In case of users service various variants of discounts» are given, - Mr. Minkevskyi has noted. According to the expert, stability of the prices is provided with a competition between the consulting companies and in the near future rise in price of these services is not expected.

 Operators of the market allocate an order of ten companies actively working in sphere of services of competitive investigation. The most known - Coface IGK Ukraine, "MSB-SCYTHIAN", "Sidkon", "Avesta-Ukraine", and «Guardian". Many other consulting companies render services of competitive investigation periodically. 

Business «Stirlitz's name» is characterized by enough high profitability, experts speak. «Its annual profitability makes about 30 % under condition of development of technologies of researches, etc. At« favorites », hastily collecting the information, profitability - 50-60 %. But such efficiency remains not for long - sooner or later the chaotic system of gathering of the information gives failure», - Mr. Minkevskyi has summed up.

As a rule, to 80 % of the information of the company receive from open sources - the Internet, from state bodies, from databases of various news agencies etc. As a guarantee of reliability of the information coincidence of the data received from various sources serves.
Services of experts of competitive investigation are much cheaper way of protection of the information and financial interests of the organization, than the maintenance of security service of the company, experts speak. The annual increase in quantity of clients testifies to popularity of the market of such services in Ukraine - especially among the foreign companies, aspiring to develop own business in territory of Ukraine. Also more and more the domestic companies register in clients to "scouts", having estimated benefits and economy of means in competitive struggle.
The author: Denis SEDLETSKY "NOW"

The primary source:  http://president.org.ua/news/news-131935/ 


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